mosaic house ministries

OUR Purpose

Mosaic House Ministries is an intentional Christian community in North Chicago where we embrace life together, live a theology of reconciliation, and participate in God’s redemptive work in northern Lake County. We desire to:

Participate in God's redemptive work.
Develop leaders for God's redemptive work.


We take our inspiration from the early Christians. In Acts 2:42, we see that the early church devoted themselves to discipleship, fellowship, hospitality, and prayer. All of our ministry and leader development flow through these four pillars.

We consistently pray and work toward a community where social boundaries no longer have power to divide, where prayerful, generous, loving Christians are abandoned to the Lord Jesus Christ in every way, and where many people experience God's transforming love and power.

Why Mosaic

Mosaics are beautiful artistic creations. They are composed of diverse pieces of all shapes, colors, and sizes to create a big picture. Each piece contributes to the whole in its own unique way, and no one piece is more valuable than another. What makes a mosaic beautiful is the varied and unique contribution of each piece. 

In Mosaic House Ministries, we embrace this imagery as a picture of God’s Church. Diverse in background, but united in purpose, we desire to glorify God and do His work. Therefore, we welcome one another as Christ has welcomed us, so that together we may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To learn more about what this mission and vision looks like day to day, please check out our blog for stories.


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I have seen true compassion and help given to people that most people would ignore. This house of brothers will always hold an intimate place in my heart. I thank God for bringing these guys into my life. We truly need more compassion in this world and I received more than I ever could have imagined. Thanks be to God!
— Community Member