Mosaic House Partners with Mosaic Ministries


When the Mosaic Hub opens, many local young adults are excited to participate in the C.H.I.L.L. Lounge, creative arts mentoring, and worship nights. God is stirring hearts for the next generation!


Mosaic House is Full for the Holidays!


Our new housemate, Charles Jones (third from left), moved in recently to give us a full house for the holidays.

Reflecting on how he has worked cross culturally, Charles shares, “When vulnerability ensues and stories are shared, the barriers that separate us become see through and it’s easy to recognize the human in the other…ultimately, the first step in partnering with those from different backgrounds is to be open.”

We are excited for a new season of openness and sharing in the way of Jesus. Our hearts are open, and submitted to God’s work in and through us. To God be glory!


Prayer for One Another


Mosaic House resident, Josh Brown, created a new prayer box to collect prayer requests from our neighbors and all who visit us. After receiving the requests, we pray through them during our morning prayers together. Soon, we will create a prayer mailbox in our front yard for those walking by our house.

We would love to pray for you! Please submit any prayer requests to and we will follow up with you.


Chefin with Kevin!

IMG_6027 copy.JPG

Week in and week out, Mosaic House resident, Kevin Deming, blesses our community with a warm, homemade meal. Every Monday, we pray together and enjoy fellowship. There is always room at our table!

New Housemate at the Mosaic House


We are thrilled to have Jalen Jones join the Mosaic House family. He brings many gifts to the community, including preaching, teaching, and mentoring!

Jalen says, "Throughout my life I have naturally been a leader in any area I have been in and I enjoy being around people. I also love the word of God and being in His presence and talking about His word, and since I have been in college and have had a chance to speak a couple of times I noticed that my passion is preaching and leading others to Him. I don’t know how God plans to use it or where or how often, but I know that I will be in ministry and that God is going to use my passion that I have for speaking His word, and loving people. Whether it is pastoring a church or some other type of role, it will involve speaking and people.


Making Art on the Porch


As Mosaic House resident, Joshua Brown, spent time painting on the porch, neighborhood youth became curious about his work. It became a powerful moment when one of the youth said, "I want to learn to paint like you, too," and Josh had the opportunity to speak life and limitless possibilities. Praise be to God! 

Mosaic House Prayer


For years at 1644 Park Ave, we have gathered every Monday night at 7:00 PM to seek God's Kingdom together in our community. Afterward, we enjoy a home cooked meal from our gifted chefs who reside at the Mosaic House! All are welcome. God's Kingdom come. 


Building and Dedication of the Grace Hong Prayer Room


We are very excited about the Grace Hong Prayer Room. Grace was an incredible woman of prayer and devotion to God. We are deeply humbled to have this dedicated space in her honor at the Mosaic House. 

Our next door neighbors, Rick and Annette Hill, coordinated and executed the design and buildout of this sacred space. Many others helped as well to make this possible, giving discounts on materials and free consultation on color schemes and design. We look forward to filling this space with furniture, musical instruments, and art work. Hallelujah!

New Housemate at the Mosaic House


We are thrilled to have Joe Lewis join the Mosaic House family. He brings many gifts to the community, including cooking great meals!

Joe says, "My hope is that this degree will allow me to become a Naval Chaplain and eventually, a full time theologian and reformer. It’s a bit of a struggle to find specifically when and where God wants me to go but he pointed me in the direction of Mosaic and the Mosaic house, so I’m trusting in him to lead me to where he wants me to go in my life."


Block Party with Neighbors

July Block Party.jpeg

Our neighbors have been celebrating their son's birthday and the Fourth of July with a block party for the past ten years. After moving into the Mosaic House, the Hills asked if we would like to partner in this celebration. Of course, we were delighted to support such a fun and positive event in our neighborhood!

This year was the biggest yet, with gospel artists coming in from out of state, and with local vendors selling homemade goods. The Hills put an amazing amount of work into this event, and with great gratitude, we would like to acknowledge their generosity of time and financial resources.  

As we prayed before, during, and after the celebration, may the songs and words that were sown in faith bear much fruit! To God be the glory.


Testimony from North Chicago Community High School 


Mosaic House resident, Josh Brown, leads a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Bible study at North Chicago Community High School. The following is written from one of his students. Praise be to God who saves and redeems!


Finding my true faith was the best thing that happened to me. I say “True Faith” because I always knew of God, but I didn’t live my life through God. In other words, I didn’t think it was as important as I do now. I was always a good kid until 6th grade. I started hanging around a bad crowd, being influenced, and learning bad habits. It wasn’t until the end of my 8th grade year I found my faith in God and that’s where I found a girl to take up all the time I had for running the streets and getting in trouble with the law.  We started to go to each other churches on Sundays and we would sometimes talk about our favorite scriptures. My Sophomore year is where I found my “True Faith”. Around November 2016, I remember it was the worst time of my life. First I lost my Grandfather, the only person my mother relied on, I lost my job, sports weren’t working out much, I lost the girl who meant the world to me, and I was starting to lose my faith in God. Suicide starting to cross my mind; I’ve never felt so weak in my life. I remember the day I obtained my “True Faith”. It was on a Wednesday, which the day we hold FCA, an after-school Bible study group, held by upcoming Pastor Josh Brown. Although, I was sitting distance from the small group we had that day, the Words that spoken to me from his mouth was, “If God is your friend, best friend, or whatever he may be that hold a bond between you and God. How do you expect continuous favors from God if you don’t speak to God when you don’t need a favor or to even just recognize him?” Then he continues to say, “If you had a friend and they only talk to you when you have a bag of chips in your hand because they want some, would you want to do anything for that person?”  Then that day I realized that God probably wanted my attention, so he taken some of those things from me. From that day to present, I have gotten Baptized and started to live my life through Christ, who continues to strengthen me. My life has been full of opportunities and blessing since. Best decision of my life was going to that FCA meeting.


Commissioning Service


We had the joy of celebrating our brother Isaac and commissioning him from the Mosaic House with love and prayer. Isaac has accepted a pastoral position in Los Angeles, CA.

For our commissioning service, we took turns speaking words of encouragement and calling out the ways God has gifted Isaac. After a rich time of sharing, we prayed into these words and visions with the laying on of hands.

Isaac joins a community of brothers who have likewise been commissioned from the Mosaic House and are now serving God around the country (and a few in other countries). Many of the guys share things like, "I grew in ways I never thought possible, both spiritually and in insight of both my weaknesses and my strengths. God used the Mosaic House to transform my life." Praise God. It is our prayer that as Isaac leaves, he will create similar spaces and places for transformation in his ministries. May God's Kingdom come!

Mosaic prayer of commissioning compiled from various voices but mainly Angela Walker and H. Van Der Looy

“Set out on the road together with your companions
Together with the numberless people of God,
all pilgrims traveling to the Father’s House.”

Please know you always have family here. We are with you. We carry one another’s stories. Please always let us know how we can pray for you.

“God knew that WE Needed one another—Our call was not to not be fragmented/scattered people—but to be a people who are whole—who are together—who are unified. Because of Jesus, we can be border crossers and bridge builders—and sojourners together. We can be the Beloved Community."

"By the power of your Holy Spirit we can live out this new reality together. We can be this new We together. We can be reconciled and reconcilers to those among us and around us. By God’s power, those who were once called enemy is now called friend.”

“So Go on your way singing,
a song of HOPE on your lips
and your heart burning within you.”

“You are commissioned as God’s agents of reconciliation in our broken and divided world. May HOPE sustain you as you are present in places of pain, and be always rooted in your true identity”

“We are God’s beloved children. We are ministers not messiahs. We are people of Hope not Despair. Of Proximity—Not Distance----Of Love---Not Apathy—Of receiving not Rejecting. We are one family-with one faith-one future-formed by GOD.”

“Now we have the alleluias of the journey,
soon there will be the alleluias of consummation of God’s Kingdom”

“Now you are being sown in the darkness of the earth (lament)
Soon, you will bloom in the light and warmth of God’s eternity” (hope)

Hear the words of Ephesians 2: 19-22

So then you are no longer strangers and aliens but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.

Set out on the road…together

“In the name of the Father who gathers us together from every tribe and nation, the Son who sets the example on how to be border crossers and bridge builders and the Holy Spirit who empowers us to be One—and to remain as One”



Poetry by Mosaic House Resident, Joshua Brown